Bob Dylan World Tours 66-74, Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein
--CD Pinkerton,

Joel Gilbert is a convincing Bob Dylan. Not heard of him? This California resident, along with his band Highway 61 Revisited, bill themselves as the world's only Bob Dylan tribute band. This is his second film about Dylan...

First the bad news: While Gilbert might be Dylan, he's not Martin Scorsese.

The GOOD NEWS is: If you are reading this review, this DVD is a must have for your collection!!! The idea behind it is simple: Joel sets off on a cross-country pilgrimage to visit Woodstock and Greenwich Village, NY, and to interview famed photographer Barry Feinstein. He invites you to come along... and you don't want to miss this one!

There are guaranteed to be photos you've never seen, and anecdotes you've never heard. Any Dylan fan is sure to find fascination in the first hand accounts of two historic tours from someone who was in the very heart of them. There are several colorful characters from Dylan's past that Joel has an audience with. Another highlight is the reflections of an unknown Bob Dylan made by Folklore Center proprietor Izzy Young. Visit Big Pink, two of Dylan's Woodstock homes, listen to new ramblings from Dylan Garboligist A.J. Weberman, and so much more.

...Don't cheat yourself out one of the most entertaining Dylan documentaries ever.


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