Hey Joel,

We are watching it on a very large SONY television, so I can tell you that I am impressed at the picture quality. The black and white photos are beautiful and I love the way you move the camera over the photos and then pull back to show the full images. Feinstein may think he was a journalist but in these photos he reveals himself as an artist.

I like your Woodstock scenes and the visit to the former Dylan estates. You surprised me with the Weberman interview - you really pushed him - he was actually pretty funny.   So my next stop is Al Aronowitz , the wrap up and the Special Features.

This is a wonderful exploration of Dylan's 60's life and career. I appreciate that you were able to interview these guys, as they are moving up in years. This has been more fun than reading any of the recent books on Dylan and it compliments Dylan's Chronicles.   Having read virtually every book on Dylan since the first drugstore paperback bio (Bob Dylan: The Folk-Rock Story), I can truthfully say this documentary filled in some blank spaces.

Finally, I like your background music - it fills out the movie but doesn't get in the way of the story you are telling. Thanks again and good luck,

Fred Grittner - St. Paul, Minnesota

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