Izzy Young, Folklore Center
November 21, 2004, Experience Music Project

Barry Feinstein is a fantastic photographer who is well-known in the trade, but not necessarily so well known in the Bob Dylan world, as he hasn't released most of his photos until now.

In this film, Barry Feinstein's unseen photos increase the world of knowledge of Bob Dylan. Even more fascinating is Barry Feinstein's description - Feinstein gives an accurate, damn good picture of Bob Dylan at that time. Feinstein is very open and clear, he knows what he's saying, and he speaks accurately. He even says a couple of things he's not supposed to say! Its fun to see that.

Then the film brings in Al Aronowitz, who always thought he knew everybody better than anyone else. He tells his story of introducing Dylan to the Beatles, but it is actually correct. He even pins down details outside of his own sphere of interest, and he gives a lot of information.

Then comes the A.J. Weberman part of the film. He was like a nut, I kicked him out of my store a hundred times. I thought it was crazy what he did to Dylan. For Weberman to still go into huge psychological, philosophical, language studies of Bob Dylan's poetry - its still real for him, that was really good.

I highly recommend this film to every Bob Dylan fan and anyone who wants to learn the true history of Bob Dylan.

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