--Associated Press - Newswire
Gilbert is able to ferret out good information from his interview subjects... fans will savor the dozens of previously unseen photos brought to light…it deserves a spot on the shelf. (more)

- IFolklore Center - Izzy Young
In this film, Barry Feinstein's unseen photos increase the world of knowledge of Bob Dylan. Even more fascinating is Barry Feinstein's description - he gives an accurate, damn good picture of Dylan at that time. (more)
I enjoyed the DVD very much - much better than Mickey Jones' home movies. The interviews with Barry Feinstein, Al Aronowitz, Pennebaker, & AJ Weberman, are all well done with many new details. The Weberman interview is fascinating, the same for the bonus interviews with Bruce Langhorne & Izzy Young. The Feinstein interview features his comments on many of the photos seen here for the first time, and life on tour in both '66 & '74.

--Ice Magazine
Producer Joel Gilbert narrates the program and conducts the interviews from the perspective of a serious, erudite Dylan fan.

--Globe Gazette
This documentary explores the stories behind photographer Barry Feinstein's legendary Dylan tour photos, using interviews and new footage of such mythic locations as Big Pink. It certainly makes for a nice companion piece to Dylan's recent autobiography release.

--Eclipse Magazine
(This DVD is) almost impossible to ignore. The key element of the documentary is the photography of Barry Feinstein, the father of rock & roll photography and a long-time friend of Dylan. Feinstein's photos...they are breathtaking. (more)

--World Magazine
With a good deal of humor (Mr. Gilbert apparently suffers from none of the delusions of the stereotypical Elvis impersonator), World Tours documents the years during which Bob Dylan grew from the Voice of a Generation into a full-fledged rock star. (more)

--Rebel With A Cause - Sam Visser
'A picture is worth a thousand words'. So this afternoon I've seen the equivalent of millions of words. This is probably the best documentary I've seen for a long time, so interesting to look back at those times through the pictures and the interviews you did with the people close to Bob at that time. There is no doubt that Barry had a special touch for taking pictures without having them 'posed'.

- The Bob Dylan Starting Pointoint
All in all a great DVD for Dylan fans, the photos alone are worth it, and the documentary is fascinating, (more)re can you

- Matt's Music Page
Dylan tribute band member Joel Gilbert documented an extraordinary piece of history through interviews with Feinstein and many others close to Dylan. There is a combination of comic relief with detailed accounts of Dylan's tour. This is a must see for any Dylan fan. (more)
sk for? (more)

This DVD is a must have for your collection! Any Dylan fan is sure to find fascination in the first hand accounts of two historic tours...don't cheat yourself out one of the most entertaining Dylan documentaries ever.
A lot of Gilbert's new documentary is an examination of Feinstein's still imagery with the photographer on hand to guide us.
A selection of extra features offers a beautifully arranged gallery of Feinstein's photography set to pleasant instrumental accompaniment. (more)

--Movie Zone
Fans of Bob Dylan will totally eat up Bob Dylan: World Tours 1966-1974 . Overall, this is a quality presentation. (more)

--Home Theatre Info
Director Joel Gilbert takes us way behind the scenes, talking to the ones that knew Dylan well, that where part of his life and where there when musical history was made.

--Rock N Roll Experience - Feb '05
This new documentary travels to Woodstock where Dylan lived for many years…you get to see a good piece of the local community. Barry Feinstein gives a pretty cool blow by blow of what each picture represents. Perhaps the strongest comment made is the very last statement that Barry makes, "Dylan told me that he didn't like to do interviews because no one ever asked him the right questions."

--Oregon Music Guide
Barry Feinstein is a living legend in the world of pop still photography. For these nuggets Dylan fans should be grateful...the point of the film is the Feinstein's photography, and that is superb with his witty, colorful narration... (More)

--Relix Magazine
For a survey of fringe Dylanology, you can't go much better than the unauthorized World Tours 1966-1974. Gilbert's handiwork is extremely homespun, but entertaining and passionate... (More)

Of course, the photographs speak for themselves, and Gilbert smartly uses the same 3-D imaging that’s popped up in recent photo-documentaries like The Kid Stays in the Picture and In the Realms of the Unreal to give the snapshots of Dylan an added kinetic touch.

--Glide Magazine
Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 is a huge project for director Joel Gilbert. Most of the DVD focuses on photographer Barry Feinstein, who was Dylan’s chief photographer during the focused timeframe. (More)






--Ted Walker - Tacoma, Washington
Joel Gilbert's new film revolves around his journey to Woodstock, N.Y. and Greenwich Village in an attempt to unearth some of the mystery... A
n absolute "must" for any fan of Bob Dylan... Barry Feinstein's photographs are simply mesmerizing! (more)

- Jim Miller - Silverton, Oregon
Nostalgic and entertaining! The remarkable photographs by Feinstein capture the Dylan that we would all like to hang out with. Along with the interviews, we see Dylan the genius, writer, performer, and friend. The interview with Al Alonowitz is powerful and the one of A.J. Weberman is priceless! Every Bob Dylan fan will want this DVD.

--Ellis Clark - Burkank, California
Feinstein's photos are made into a movie using still photos - reminds me of the film "The Kids Stays In the Picture." Brilliant cinametograpahy and movement!

--Sleiman Nehme - Nice, France
I received your DVD yesterday, it's certain you that has awoken the memories of those featured in the film as without such, they would have surely been long lost in the cemetary of time.   Joel Gilbert, with your work one thing is clear, DYLAN himself would not be dissapointed.   On a star counting point system, I don't believe there to be enough stars in the sky to be appointed to this oeuvre

--Caryn Marshall - Vista, CA
Your film was "eye candy" from the first frame. Barry's photos are the finest of Bob I've ever seen; they really capture his essence and his spirit. Obviously, Barry had a real rapport with Bob. Also, the footage of Woodstock was fabulous and the interview with A.J.Weberman left me speechless! A first rate documentary, done with reverence, respect and a lot of love.

Dick Topanian - Glendale, California
Gilbert goes past the acknowledgement of Dylan's uniqueness, and shows us those who grew with him, worked with him, and even one who attempted to subvert him (in vain) from his objective.(more)

- Marvin Bluth - Sony Pictures
In this film, incredible memories are recalled by the witnesses who were there - the first-hand accounts of Barry Feinstein, A.J. Weberman, Al Aronowitz, & D.A. Pennebaker are magnificent! Feinstein's photography of Dylan is a hidden treasure. Highly recommended!

--Katie Furlong - Hibbing, Minnesota
(EMP World Premiere) I recommend that everyone take a journey with Joel Gilbert as he interviews and reminisces with photographer Barry Feinstien about Bob Dylan between the years 1966 and 1974. In this fantastic documentary, you'll see rare photos of Dylan as well as hear entertaining stories from those who met and worked with Bob along the way. It's a great film for all Dylan fans.

--Lex Zaleta - Charleston, Tennessee
It appears you have taken on a monumental and critical job, capturing and preserving Mr. D's mystique in the medium of our age. There is no one else doing what Bob is doing - and there is no one else doing what you are doing with the degree of class you bring to the table.

--Arie de Reus - The Netherlands
The opening of the EMP Dylan exhibition was an overwhelming experience. This film was the dessert, and what a dessert this film is! What can be better than so many 1966 and 1974 Bob Dylan photos that you never saw before? A very revealing interview with AJ Weberman! I think Joel did a great job bringing this all to light.

--Jonathon Duitch - Jerusalem, Israel
The DVD is quite good. The interviews with Barry Feinstein and the incredible amount of never before seen pictures will keep you interested. As for Gilbert's role, he keeps the people talking, cuts A.J. no slack and in general gets very good material from the interviewees. While I would prefer Bob's music in the background, the Highway 61 music fits well with the material. Pretty well done..

--C. Mason - Université Caen, France
I want to tell you that I watched Bob Dylan World Tours last night and I love it!   The editing job is fantastic and your interviews are done with great skill and talent !

--Jesse Hill - Levittown, Pennsylvania
What a wonderful job you did with the Bob Dylan World Tour 66-74. it was like taking a walk down memory lane with Bob Dylan himself.   it was great how you blended together all the beginning highlights of his life. You took me to alot of places i have always wanted to go, greenwich village, woodstock etc. in search of my idol. i can't wait until you take us all on another trip further down the road - 1975 - on.  

--Fred Grittner - St. Paul, Minnesota
Feinstein ...reveals himself as an artist. This is a wonderful exploration of Dylan's 60s life and career. † This has been more fun than reading any of the recent books on Dylan and it compliments Dylan's Chronicles...this documentary filled in some blank spaces. (more)

-Dave Harris - Chicago, Illinios
Just letting you know that I really enjoyed the DVD with Barry Feinstein's photos on World Tours 66-74! I got it thru Netflix. Your interviews were really good. Great questions. I wish you interviewed Dylan instead of some of these so-called journalists I read when they were hyping his "Chronicles" book. The 60 minutes interview, for example, was really a waste! Does your band ever come into Chicago?

--Carol Cohan - Los Angeles, CA
I just finished watching the DVD with my friends. Its so cool... Very complete and thorough. It is a Masterpiece. Loved the photography, and the production. My gf will order one for her fiance a big Bobby fan. We toured with him cross country watchin each of his concerts.



--HARP Magazine
Director Joel Gilbert plays wide-eyed kid to Feinstein's yarning grandfather as the photos play across the screen... Going through photos with Grandpa doesn't have to be a drag! (More)

--Indie - Dagger
Director Joel Gilbert (who himself is a Dylan lookalike/dressalike and plays in a Bob Dylan tribute band called Highway 61 Revisited - yeah, it's all a bit weird) travels to Feinstein's home in Woodstock, NY. All in all it's a unique documentary and at least a slight glimpse into the life of one of rock's most enigmatic figures and I certainly recommend it.

--Hybrid Magazine
These photographs are simply amazing. The interviews are fun, and some stories are going to be forever stuck in my head, but mostly, the joy is in the pictures. I mean, seeing Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson in these photos is as much fun as seeing Dylan. I think that this was a very important era in the history of rock music, and this DVD is a great way to get a little bit of an insider's view.

--Now Playing Magazine
Bob Dylan: World Tours 1966-1974 chronicles the titular troubadour through the lens of Feinstein, showcasing over 150 selections of the photographer’s finest portraits, many revealed here for the first time.

--Movie Habit

Joel Gilbert’s second foray into “Dylanology” is far more successful than his first, but Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 is still no Eat the Document.
This time, the borders are opened and, thankfully, other inhabitants of Dylan’s world are allowed to participate, making for a far more rounded and involving look at the rock icon. Also, Gilbert takes his own trips to Woodstock and Greenwich Village, allowing for some fluffy travel footage along the way.

--Upcoming Discs
The volume level fluctuates a little bit, but by and large is solid. The sound is crisp and clear, and the music comes across strongly over the 2.0 surround. The transfer keeps the shot-on-video sharpness of the documentary.(More)
All in all, this DVD is something a little different, which is what attracted me to it. I'm not a huge Bob Dylan fan... but to see this DVD is to understand way over half the independant music you hear today. His material is as fresh now as it was thirty years ago, and I for one am not dissapointed to hear that. (More)

--Video Flicks
Dylan fans will rejoice in this treasure trove of unseen photographs taken by legendary photographer, Barry Feinstein, on the famous 1966 and 1974 world tours. Accompanied by Feinstein, director Joel Gilbert takes audiences on a fascinating, illuminating exploration of both tours (More)


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