Bob Dylan 1966-1974 World Tours
Experience Music Project World Premiere
--Ted Walker - Tacoma, Washington

Joel Gilbert's new film, Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974, Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein, revolves around his journey to Woodstock, N.Y. and Greenwich Village in an attempt to unearth some of the mystery surrounding the period of time Bob Dylan lived there. In a series of very candid interviews with people and personalities close to Dylan at this time, including legendary photographer Barry Feinstein, we find ourselves with a clearer picture of Dylan by the film's conclusion.

We travel along with Gilbert as he explores the homes where Bob Dylan lived in Woodstock, N.Y., including a stop at the legendary "Big Pink House" of The Band - definitely a treat in itself.

For a look back at the way things were in the 60's in Woodstock, Joel Gilbert travels into the center of town to spend time with some of the many colorful people that are somewhat suspended in time, living in the past. I found it to be an interesting and at times comical treat.

To mention a few of the personalities that Gilbert unearths, we find a surprising interview with A.J. Weberman, well known stalker of Dylan, and Dylanologist. At times its a picture of regret, yet Weberman clearly still shows an obsession with the lyrics of Mr. Dylan. We also travel to the apartment of filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker, known for his ground-breaking film, Don't Look Back. Pennebaker gives an insightful look into the Dylan of this time, amid the discussion of the techniques he used in the making of the documentary. Gilbert's film, however, mostly features Barry Feinstein, and his superb photographs taken of Bob Dylan while on his world tour of 1966, and the Dylan reunion tour of 1974 with The Band. Feinstein's commentary on his photographs brings us to the time and place when they were taken. He offers a fresh perspective on these periods in Dylan's life, including shedding a new light on the mystery surrounding Bob Dylan's now famous motorcycle crash.

I would consider Joel Gilbert's new film an absolute "must" for any fan of Bob Dylan, while anyone with an interest in photography will find that Barry Feinstein's photographs are simply mesmerizing! A joy to view over and over again...



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