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August 21, 2014

Americans Need to Wake Up

By Ken Timmerman Author of Dark Forces: The Truth about what Happened in Benghazi

Joel Gilbert dissects what many Americans think of as a benign desire for a perfectible universe, and in doing so exposes the dark totalitarian underside of utopian dreams. With insightful …

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August 4, 2014

There’s No Place like Utopia

By Rusty Humphries, The Washington Times

Mr. Gilbert’s new documentary, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” is a fresh, fast-paced, insightful look at the folly that is socialism.

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August 4, 2014

Gilbert’s Film could have a Real Political Impact

By Author Rael Jean Isaac

Joel Gilbert takes a serious theme–how socialism (disguised as progressivism) threatens to destroy our freedom and prosperity and fashions it into an imaginative, creative, biting and yes, genuinely funny movie. …

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July 29, 2014

Anti-Obama film launches nationwide before election


‘The enthusiasm was incredible, a standing ovation at every screening’

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Film maker Joel Gilbert at the office

Film maker Joel Gilbert at the offices of Highway 61 Entertainment