DVD Review: Atomic Jihad

Film: Atomic Jihad

By Ellen Christian | January 2, 2010

Atomic Jihad is an eye-opening political documentary written and directed by Joel Gilbert about the threat of Islamism and why President Obama’s politics regarding Islamism will be unsuccessful. The film is narrated by Lance Lewman and contains clips of various speeches given by President Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, where he speaks repeatedly about restoring Islam as the reigning power of the world. Mixed in with these speeches are speeches from President Obama praising Islamism and urging Americans to be pro-Islam. Between these clips, the narrator explains the history and growth of Islamism with a variety of maps and graphics.

The film takes you on a journey through the history of Islamism. The journey shows how Islamism grew to take over other countries, including Spain and parts of Russia and Africa. At one point Islamism ruled over a larger area than Julius Caesar did during his reign.

Iran is currently the leading proponent of Islamism. Atomic Jihad contrasts Iran’s Islamic views with President Obama’s Islamic views. Islamism divides the world into two groups: believers and non-believers. All people are not all the same, as President Obama suggests. Islamism only sees Christians and Jews co-existing with Muslims in an inferior position, allowed only if they pay a tax to receive this position. President Obama focuses on how everyone can live together equally, which is in direct contrast to what is believed by Islamists and explained in the Koran.

The Islamist believes that there is no difference between the religion of Islam and the politics of Islam. The rules of the Muslim religion govern all people of Islam. Those rules state that Christians and Jews are inferior to Muslims. According to the Koran, all of mankind will one day accept Islam and submit to its rule. Islamists apply traditional principals to bring about the past glory and strength of Islam using moral values from tradition, history, and law.

President Obama speaks of the “shared hopes and common dreams” of America and Islam. He is committed to making compromises with the Islamic world and reconciling past differences. Islam’s values don’t agree with the President’s. Islamists believe that the Western world can only be part of their world if we submit to their rule as inferiors.

Islamists see all Americans as selfish, corrupt, hypocritical, and oppressive. They feel hate toward America because we support Israel who they see as “the illegitimate offspring of the Great Satan.” Chants of “Marg-bar Amreeka (Death to America)!” are heard throughout the film.

The speech excerpts shown throughout Atomic Jihad prove that President Obama’s views and Islam’s views are not the same. President Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations is a clear example of how he feels America must be destroyed. President Obama speaks of our shared hopes and dreams for the future. President Obama is for “nuclear compromise” with Iran while Iran clearly feels that America’s destruction is necessary.

Atomic Jihad will open your eyes to the rising threat of Islamist thoughts and goals and will help you understand why President Obama’s views on “a new beginning with the Muslim world” don’t mesh with President Ahmadinejad’s views. I highly recommend this very informative film.

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