A Sobering Discovery for America

Film: There's No Place Like Utopia

By Konstantin Preobrazhensky ex-KGB officer | November 16, 2016

There’s No Place Like Utopia will be a sobering discovery for America. Instead of the usual image of a prosperous and carefree country, it depicts a dying, deteriorating America, sick mentally and physically. The film maker, Joel Gilbert, demonstrates great civil courage in unmasking the new leftist masters of America, whom it it is dangerous to expose, and about whom one can only speak either good or nothing at all.

Gilbert also manages to explain to Americans many complicated things and ideas in a playful, funny and picturesque form. Even the unpleasant does not produce a feeling of revulsion, but rather causes a range of feelings. For example, Gilbert ventures deep into the ruins of Detroit, the former glory of America, where we see abandoned churches, something that we used to see only in the Soviet Union. The saddest thing revealed is the destruction of American political life, at the hands of the Americans themselves, most of whom simply don’t know about our awful Soviet experience with socialist utopia, or as we called it, “hell on earth”.