‘Super Trump’ to Invade Times Square

Film: Super Trump

By Adam K. Raymond | September 13, 2016

A Donald Trump–supporting super-pac is launching a 55-foot digital billboard in Times Square that portrays the Republican as “Super Trump,” a grimacing hero with a cartoon body. It’s an attempt to capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s recent pneumonia scare, says the ad’s producer, and shows Trump with a six-pack, pronounced pecs, and hands that must be two or three times the size of his actual mini-mitts. The ad, which cost the Committee to Restore America $25,000, will be on a Broadway billboard between September 13 and September 16.

The man behind the image is conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, producer of conspiracy-peddling movies like Dreams of My Real Father, who told the New York Post, “You see Trump traveling the country on his airplane. He’s looking to solve people’s problems … It’s giving power back to the people. Who is more American than Superman?” Superman, of course, is an alien.