Watch Ted Cruz Wield Constitution-Powered Lightsaber in Bizarre Fan Film

Film: The Constitution Strikes Back

By Rolling Stone | September 15, 2016

Ted Cruz’s campaign ads have, so far, been pretty standard conservative fare, with lots of talk of “hope, freedom and faith in God” — a little too standard for one Cruz supporter. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert took it upon himself to jazz up Cruz’s message with a Star Wars-themed video starring a SIM Cruz charging the Capitol atop a giant white elephant.
Ted Cruz Isn’t Crazy – He’s Much Worse
Cruz knows exactly what he’s doing
“It is a dark time for the Republic. A deceptive and radical donkey has seized the capital and shredded the constitution,” the opening crawl of The Constitution Strikes Back reads. “A powerful rebel must arise to unite the elephants and save the nation.”
We won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but we will say it involves a Constitution-powered lightsaber that “Cruz'” may or may not use to ward off RINOs and a donkey-riding President Obama drunk on executive power.
Gilbert, a repeat guest on the Alex Jones Show and spinner of extremely involved Obama conspiracy theories, wrote that he was inspired to create the Cruz video after the candidate compared his fight against liberals to Star Wars while filibustering Obamacare: “When I heard the Star Wars references, I envisioned Ted Cruz as a Jedi rebel warrior who could save America from the Progressive abyss.”