Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974
by Brian Lancaster


Often, in the music world, it's important to look back and remember exactly what inspired you or your band to do what it is you do. Often it's a feeling. More often than not, it's another artist. An artist who captivated an era. Someone who lead the life you are chasing. For many of the bands we hear today, Bob Dylan is an unmentioned hero... but with one exciting bonus. He's still here, and he's still living that life.

...and let's face it. As a singer, a song writer, a guitar player and a recording artist.. Robert Allen Zimmerman.... to us, Bob Dylan, has released over forty albums, performed thousands of shows, and is still here today, writing, recording and performing. What exactly is there not to be envious about that?

This DVD chronicles the World Tours of Bob Dylan and his band in this extraodinary document of rock music history.

Barry Feinstein was the exclusive tour photographer on the legendary '66 and '74 world tours. With the aid of the director, Joel Gilbert, together they have brought us a controversial documentary, a stack of rare photos from the tours and exclusive interviews.

For the years in between the tours, Gilbert visits Woodstock and Greenwhich Village, NY, where he investigates Dylans secluded life before his return to the road in 1974. He recreates the singer-songwriters 1966 motorcycle accident, pays a visit to Big Pink (Dylans old house with a basement turned recording studio) examines Dylans first encounter with The Beatles and even confronts fanatic "dylan-ologist" A.J Weberman who is today what we would call a pioneer of the bootleg industry.

Interviews on this DVD give an exciting insight into the hidden history of Dylan, with some well known names in the industry... including Mickey Jones (Dylan's drummer) Izzy Young (famous for putting on Dylans first shows and being a promoter henseforth) and Bruce Langhorne, an artist greatly respected by Dylan himself.

This DVD also includes over 150 exclusive photos from the Dylan '63, '66, '71 and '74 tours, and the entire thing is backed to a soundtrack of Dylan classics, are performed by Highway 61 Revisited, the worlds most profound Dylan tribute band.

All in all, this DVD is something a little different, which is what attracted me to it. I'm not a huge Bob Dylan fan... but to see this DVD is to understand way over half the independant music you hear today. His material is as fresh now as it was thirty years ago, and I for one am not dissapointed to hear that.

"I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I'll die like a poet" - Bob Dylan


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