President Bill Clinton Knows The Truth, I Am His Son;

Film: BANISHED - The Untold Story of Danney Williams

By Neil W. McCabe | October 20, 2016

The man claiming to be the son of former President Bill Clinton told Breitbart News Wednesday he wants his father to step up and be man enough to acknowledge him.
“I have always wanted him to step up–for 30 years–you know? I have really been trying to figure this out–my whole life, you know? It is time for him to step up to the plate,” said Danney Williams, 30, who traveled from his Arkansas home to Las Vegas for Wednesday’s third presidential debate between GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Arkansas man is not trolling the Democratic nominee’s husband. He said he is formally requesting that the former president submit to a paternity test and put the matter to rest–once and for all.

“It is up to him now, ” he said.

“I’ve proven who I am, let him step up and prove me right or prove me wrong,” he said.

Williams’ mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, is quoted in media accounts describing how, as a prostitute in Little Rock, the then-governor met her while out on a jog. The two became close and shared several intimate encounters, according to those accounts.

After Williams was born, his mother allegedly told the governor about his son and although Clinton was reluctant, she said in interviews, Arkansas state troopers would pay her child support every month with seven $100 bills.

The payments stopped however after he announced Clinton was running for president, according to her media accounts.

Williams said he has a good relationship with his mother.

“My mom? She’s been consistent about how she met him and how he’s my father–she believes in her heart without a doubt that he is my father,” Williams, a construction worker, said.

“But, it’s hard,” Williams said.

“It’s hard for her to talk about it now, because of the guilt about how we come up, house-to-house and right? She couldn’t provide for us and we didn’t have father in our lives,” he said.

Williams said it makes him proud that his mother is proud of him and the man that he has become, but all sons need to hear from their fathers that their own father is proud of them, too.

In addition to working construction, Williams said he pumped gas and worked other jobs, sometimes three at a time to provide for his own children as best he could.

Now that he is a father, Williams said he cannot understand why his own father does not want to be a part of his life.

“Raising my own kids, they all have their own personalities, ” he said. “You go through the pain and hurt with them, you cry with them and they want to know who my father is and I want them to know.”

“I promised my own kids I would always love them and be there for them,” he said. “When you don’t have a relationship with your father it isn’t right. It messes with you and you feel guilty about it–and now my children want to have a relationship with their grandfather.”

While the woman he claims as his half-sister, Chelsea Clinton, grew up in the White House like a princess called the First Daughter, Williams said he struggled.

“Back in ’95, I was in school and he was the president, there were times I would be seeing him on TV–and it just hurt,” he said.

“I just really wanted to know–and it felt horrible because I knew his child Chelsea was well taken care of–and me? Hungry at night and knowing, who my father is, you know that hurts,” he said.

His mother, who battled substance abuse, went to prison and he was raised by his mother’s sister and also spent time in Arkansas’s foster care program, he said.

“I was going house-to-house, I mean my mom was still in the streets and my aunt was trying to raise me–and not only me, I have three little siblings, too–so, it was a struggle, but I am blessed to still be here today and state the true facts of who I am,” he said.

Williams said there were times when he knew he got through to the president.

“Yeah, I know he knows,” he said.

“Back in 2013, 2014, I was emailing him. I had to email him through Facebook, but then, I got blocked from his Facebook.”

At another time, in February, Williams said he received an email from a man claiming to be a friend of the president.

The man, who Williams does not want to name, told him that Clinton knew all about it.

“He said if I wanted to meet with my father, he could arrange it, but my father did not want any publicity,” Williams said.

“Nothing ever came of it, I think somebody just wanted to feel me out, see what I was doing, if I was still saying what I had been saying,” he said.

Now, Williams is taking control of his own narrative and his own quest to be recognized as the son of the 42th president.

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