‘Bill Clinton son’ makes video plea to ‘father, stepmother’

Film: BANISHED - The Untold Story of Danney Williams

October 11, 2016

NEW YORK – Danney Williams, 30, has been trying since at least 1999 to be acknowledged as the out-of-wedlock son of former President Bill Clinton and a black prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Now, just one month before the presidential election, he has posted a nine-minute video on his Facebook and Twitter pages in a new initiative to establish the legitimacy of his claim.

“I have no doubt that I am Bill Clinton’s son,” Williams declares at the beginning of the new video. “It was common knowledge in Arkansas where I grew up. Everywhere I went, people would point and say, ‘There’s Bill Clinton’s son. He looks like Bill Clinton, doesn’t he? Look at him, Danney Williams is a black Bill Clinton.’”

Documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who produced Williams’ new video, also compiled a series of comparison photographs showing the physical resemblance.

He told WND he has no doubt Williams is the son of Bill Clinton, especially after working with him for three days in Los Angeles to make the video.

“I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life,” Williams says in the video. “Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? It made me think sometimes even of suicide. It’s not fair and it has been hurtful.”

Williams says that after his mother was sent to prison for drugs, his Aunt Lucille Bolton raised him.

“My sister is Bobbie Ann Williams, Danney Williams’ mother,” Bolton says in the video, via Skype. “My sister was a prostitute and she hung around the streets on 17th and Main (in Little Rock). She met Bill Clinton on the streets on some 13 occasions. About five or six months she had dated Bill Clinton and everything; she said she was pregnant by Bill.”

Williams says he has no doubt he is Bill Clinton’s son.

“I tell my children, yes, it is real. Bill Clinton is my father and I’m going to make sure you meet him one day,” he says in the video.

He concludes with a plea: “Hillary, please do not deny I exist. I am your stepson. Chelsea is my sister. And Bill is my father.”

No definitive DNA testing

Testing done by the tabloid Star Magazine was based on Clinton DNA information released by independent counsel Kenneth Starr from Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress. The testing was not definitive, because the data Starr released resulted from a “polymerase chain reaction” test, known as “PRC” is not sufficiently accurate to be admitted in court as evidence regarding paternity claims.

Phil Bunton, the editor-in-chief at Star Magazine in 1999 when the Williams story developed, was reached by WND early Tuesday morning. “I don’t remember ever seeing any laboratory test that was done on Clinton’s DNA,” said Bunton, who now is the owner of the Rivertown Magazine in Haverstraw, New York.